Illinois Marital Settlement Agreements

Family law attorney Denise Erlich helps couples who are filing an uncontested divorce in DuPage, Will, and Cook County to address various aspects of their financial affairs and create Marital Settlement Agreements. When divorcing spouses can agree on the division of assets and liabilities, and child support and spousal maintenance before they go to court, they can avoid drawn-out, expensive legal battles.

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What Is a Marital Settlement Agreement in an Uncontested Divorce?

When you file an uncontested divorce in the greater Chicagoland area and you and your spouse have assets, debts or children, Illinois law requires you to submit a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) to the Court. This detailed contract outlines the division of your marital property, responsibility for your debts, any support obligations, and more. Generally, the court will accept the MSA and enter a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage as long as the MSA is fair and not unconscionable.

Creating a Marital Settlement Agreement

Creating a Marital Settlement Agreement in Illinois is about more than plugging a few numbers into a form and signing your name. With the preservation of rights and numerous financial aspects to be addressed, recitals to be made, terms to be outlined, and clauses to be entered, your Marital Settlement Agreement could include upwards of 30 pages.

When creating your Marital Settlement Agreement, divorce lawyers will help you go over a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to:

Your income and the income of your spouse
The joint marital property you own
Any non-marital property you own
Your assets and retirement accounts
Your personal property
Debts you
Health insurance
Child support obligations
College Expenses
Spousal maintenance
Income tax filing

The Marital Settlement Agreement might also include information about the manner in which attorneys’ fees will be allocated and general provisions to address modifications, enforcement, and principles of contract law.

While the Marital Settlement Agreement is a binding contract the moment it is signed by both parties, it does not become enforceable as a court order until it is approved by the Judge and the Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage is entered.

Staying on Track to Reach an Agreement

It’s not uncommon for divorcing couples to begin a divorce with the intention of ending their marriage amicably, only to end up in a contested divorce once topics like finances and children come into play.

If negotiating the terms of your Marital Settlement Agreement has caused tension to build between you and your spouse, divorce attorney, Denise Erlich, can help you stay focused on the task at hand. Staying on track during negotiations can help you:

Have more control over your financial future
Avoid the expense of a lengthy court battle
Minimize stress for you and your children
More quickly enter the next chapter of your life

For help with your Marital Settlement Agreement in Illinois,
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FAQs About Marital Settlement Agreements in Illinois

Illinois couples can usually modify their Marital Settlement Agreements if their financial circumstances substantially change down the road. The Marital Settlement Agreement should be carefully drafted to provide you with the right to modify your financial obligations regarding children’s expenses and maintenance in the future, if necessary.

If you and your spouse cannot agree about child support or spousal maintenance, a divorce attorney may be able to help you avoid a contested divorce. An experienced divorce attorney can advise you regarding the statutory guidelines for child support and maintenance, what is considered “income” by the court in calculating each parent’s income for purposes of calculating child support and maintenance, and ways to structure payments for child support and maintenance when the income of one or both spouses fluctuates from year-to-year.

Illinois is an equitable distribution state, which doesn’t always mean assets and liabilities will be split equally in a divorce. Instead, the courts will consider what is fair. In an uncontested case, the parties have more flexibility, but the court will not finalize a Marital Settlement Agreement that it finds unconscionable.

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